Building manager

We have been successfully managing buildings for 18 years.

We manage buildings in Pula and the wider area, without making a distinction between smaller and larger buildings.

The structure of the buildings we manage is diverse, starting from the smaller and the larger ones as well as the older and the new ones.

For the management services, we offer more favorable management prices than the Pula average, and we achieve this with our working principle - rational business.

We will be analyzing the cost of the building to help you save the so-called cold drive of the building, such as insurance, regular services, maintenance and cleaning the building, as well as the lower manager's cost, leaving you with more money for other necessary work on the building. This often avoids raising bank loans and increasing property and management maintenance fees.

In addition to the regular maintenance of the building, we also offer our clients the services of large investment projects in the building, such as energy renovation of the buildings, renovation
of the roof and elevators, and other parts of the building.

We work closely with all the representatives of the co-owners - the tenants in the buildings, and we listen to all the wishes and needs of all of building co-owners. You can contact us every day for all information about your building, such as, the state of the management and maintenance property fees, the financial condition of the building, current works on your building and
everything else that interests you as co-owners.

We are trying to be transparent so that you have an insight into the business and financial condition of your building at any time.

We are also available outside working hours for all the emergencies and the interventions that your building needs and we are always available on the hotline as a contact person to coordinate their resolution.