Residential Buildings Management

We have been successfully managing residential buildings in Pula and throughout Istria for more than 20 years.

The structure of the buildings we manage is varied.

As owners of special parts or as co-owners of the entire property, you are already familiar with the practicality of building management, we are ready to answer all specific questions in direct contact verbally or in writing.

  • Residential building management and maintenance is a permanent activity that combines legal, economic, financial and technical aspects of business with the aim of providing the building as a whole and all its parts with a level of easement within the limits specified by laws, as well as the decisions of co-owners
  • The direct participants in the management are the co-owners of the residential building as principals and the Manager as the principal. The co-owners take care of and are responsible for their co-ownership (they have rights and obligations regarding their share), while they entrust the executive tasks related to this to the elected building manager based on the "Building Management Agreement"
  • The reserve is a monetary base that practically ensures and realizes the care of the co-ownership community for its real estate, and the issue of the use of funds of the joint reserve for the maintenance of the building in co-ownership is defined by the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on building maintenance. Good and harmonious co-owner relations have special and great importance in the quality of the management of a residential building
  • Each building managed by us has its own bank account into which the reserve is paid and from which funds are allocated for the needs of the building
  • Payment slips for the reserve contain a 2D barcode and are delivered in paper form to the address of the building, at your request delivery via e-mail is possible
  • The "House Rules of the Building" are decided by the agreement of the co-owners and the local authority roles. The basic document on co-owner relations is the "Inter-Owner Agreement of Building Co-Owners", which is based on the "Law on Ownership and Other Proprietary Rights"
  • Once a year, it is our obligation to create and submit a management plan and program for the current year, as well as an annual final financial report by June 30 for the previous year.
    All other matters such as (information, reports, review of financial cards, change of ownership, etc.) can be resolved with us via e-mail or in person.
  • In addition to regular maintenance and administration, we also offer our clients the services of managing large investment projects on the building, such as energy renovation, facade renovation, roof renovation, elevator renovation, and other parts of the building.
  • We work closely with the representative of the co-owners of the tenants and listen to the wishes and needs of all co-owners of the building.
  • We try to be transparent, and you can contact us daily for all information about your building, the state of the reserve, the financial state of the building, current works, as well as everything else that interests you as a co-owner.
  • We constantly cooperate with dozens of companies, transparently looking for the best offer for work on the building, while remaining open to your suggestions.
  • By analyzing the costs of the building, we will help you save on the so-called cold operation of the building.

We are also available outside of working hours for all emergencies and interventions that your building needs, and we are always available on the emergency phone as a contact person to coordinate their resolution.

Our employees speak fluent Italian, German and English which adds value and promotes communication.

Furthermore, upon customer request, we offer the sending of the annual financial report in Italian, German or English language.

Residential Buildings Management


  • Residential Building Insurance
  • Chimney inspections
  • Disinsection and pest control
  • Procurement and service of fire protection equipment and installation
  • Monthly elevator service
  • Annual inspection of the elevator
  • Testing of the gas installation (once every 10 years)
  • Examination of lightning protection installation (once in 5 years)


  • Cleaning the staircase
  • Staircase lighting
  • At the request of the co-owner, landscaping of the garden and the surroundings of the building will be organized
  • Other works by agreement of the co-owners
Residential Buildings Management

In the event that individual co-owners do not pay the deposit, we take the following actions:

  • On the regular payment slip, we indicate to the debtor the existing debt balance on a certain date
  • We send reminders before execution to all debtors within the legally stipulated period
  • If the debtor does not settle his debts, enforcement proceedings are initiated, and after the final order, forced collection via Croatian Financial Agency follows.
  • After the end of the dispute, the co-owner defaulting debtor returns the cost of enforcement with default interest to the building's reserve account.




Without any obligations on your part, request an offer for your residential building and give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves!